Botleys Farm
Botleys views

Several farm barns and buildings have been thoughtfully and sympathetically renovated into studio and business units.

Botleys is an artistic community with existing tenants including the furniture designer and maker Dan Burrough, the live events staging company Stage Right Services Ltd and others

Dan BurroughDan Burrough works in sustainable, temperate hardwoods and a variety of contemporary materials. He designs and makes beautiful, funky, unique furniture. From corporate to private- kitchens to boardrooms, mirrors to desks, Dan works directly with his clients, offering time and design flare to create bespoke pieces that are personal to the client and their environment.

Jeremy HowdenJeremy Howden : Cabinetmaker Jeremy has been working with wood for over thirty years and specialises in unusual and challenging commissions. These range from bespoke quality furniture to doors, panelling and windows with a fine attention to detail and ensuring a beautiful

Utta NuttaUtta Nutta
Utta Nutta will change the way you feel about peanut butter. It is made slowly from freshly roasted peanuts, which are milled whilst still warm. This process retains the natural sweet nutty flavour without the need for added sugar. We don't use nasty palm oil either, just a pinch of wonderful Himalayan salt. The result is a really surprising munch in your mouth. Available in "Original" and "Extra Crunchy".

Artisan DairyArtisan Dairy
Purveyors of Fine Dairy Products - All our products are created using traditionally hand-made techniques with local free range milk. We constantly strive to create products that offer a sophisticated taste and texture combination.

Les Clos PerdusLes Clos Perdus is a small winemaking enterprise founded by Hugo Stewart and Paul Old based in the Languedoc region of France. Botleys Farm is their UK base.

Stage RightStage Right Services Ltd is a company specialising in the practical design and staging of live events - conferences, product launches, training events and promotional roadshows.

Vivien Sheriff MillineryVivien Sheriff Millinery is a team of highly skilled designers and milliners that produce hats and headpieces that are truly classic, original and quintessentially English.

Siobhan Davies Dance Founded and led since 1988 by choreographer Siobhan Davies, Siobhan Davies Dance has evolved from a touring dance company into an investigative contemporary arts organisation. By 2002 Davies moved away from the traditional theatre circuit and started making work for gallery spaces and alternative locations. Recent works have been presented at some of the most prestigious art institutions in the UK, including the ICA and Whitechapel Gallery (London), Turner Contemporary (Margate), Tramway (Glasgow) and Glasgow Museum of Modern Art. Davies works closely with collaborating dance artists to create new work and applies choreography across a wide range of creative disciplines including visual arts and film.

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